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History - North America

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History - North America

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1 Dow, Charles Mason ANTHOLOGY AND BIBLIOGRAPHY OF NIAGARA FALLS - Volume 1 and Volume 2
Albany, New York The State of New York 1921 First Edition Hardcover Very Good 8vo 
(xvi) 689 - 693 - 1423 pp. Both volumes are blue cloth lettered in gilt on the spine; illustrated with black and white plates. Light edge and corner wear; no interior markings; as issued, no dustjackets. The Contents of Volume One are: Preface by the State Historian, James Sullivan; Charles Mason Dow - in Memoriam by James Sullivan; Introduction by Charles Mason Dow; Niagara Discovered: The French Period; Other Eighteenth Century Accounts: The English Period; Travelers' Original Accounts 1801 - 1840; Travelers' Original Accounts since 1840; Niagara - Historical and Reminiscent; Flora and Fauna; and Science Geology and Physics. The Contents of Volume Two are: Music Poetry Fiction; Maps and Pictures; Industrial Niagara; Preservation of the Falls; Open Road - Guides - Railroads - Canals - Bridges; and Alphabetical List - Bibliography. 
Price: 109.95 CDN
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2 Gateley, Susan Peterson SWEET WATERS - Stories of Lake Ontario
Wolcott, New York Whiskey Hill Press 1998 First Edition Paperback Very Good 8vo Bill Huff; 
142 pp. Trade paperback format. Lightly rubbed on the corners with a flat uncreased spine; store stamped. Illustrated with drawings and black and white photographs by the author, and with black and white photographs by Bill Huff. The Contents are: Prologue; Section One: Sweet Waters Remembered: Introduction; From the Colonial Craftsman's Boat Shop; From Ariel's Log; It Was a Dark and Stormy Night; Cat Tales. Section Two: Sweet Waters at Work: Introduction; Notes from the Neighborhood Nuke; The Marsh Rat; William Kruse's Great Adventure. Section Three: Sailing Sweet Waters: Introduction; The Art of Boats; The Friend Ship; Summer Lightning at Pultneyville; and More Old Salts and Greenhorns; followed by Last Words and a Glossary. 
Price: 27.45 CDN
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3 Guillet, Edwin; Guillet, Mary THE PATHFINDERS OF NORTH AMERICA
Toronto The Macmillan Company of Canada 1939 First Edition Hardcover Very Good 8vo 
(xii) 304 pp. Gray boards with a black and orange pictorial on the front panel; lettered in black on the front panel and spine; endpaper maps. Light wear at the corners with some rubbing and some fading on the spine and around the edges; no interior markings; no dustjacket. Illustrated with a colour frontis by Arthur Heming and with black and white paintings by Frederic Remington; C. W. Jefferys; J. D. Kelly; Frank H. Johnston; Sir George Back; Paul Kane; Charles F. Comfort; and many others. 
Price: 27.45 CDN
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4 Howard, Robert West THUNDERGATE - The Forts of Niagara - American Forts Series
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey Prentice Hall 1968 First Edition Hardcover Very Good Very Good- 8vo 
(xiii) 241 pp. Quarter-bound with black and green cloth; decorated with gilt on the front panel and spine; headband; endpaper maps. Light wear on the corners of the dustjacket with some chipping along the spine; no interior markings. Illustrated with black and white plates. The Chapters are: Section One: The Destiny Makers: The Ice Plow; The True People. Section Two: New France: A Road to Mexico; The Charred Cross; The White Indians; The Beautiful River. Section Three: A Daring Kind of War: A Man of Meath; The Pincers; Whaleboat Armadas; Death at the Shrine. Section Four: The Birth of Upper Canada: Race War; Refugee Vengeance; The Niagara Plan of Edible Annex. Section Five: The Fight for the Lakes: Detour Decades; Mr Madison's War; There Were These Two Men Named Brown; Stalemate. Section Six: All the Past We Leave Behind: Patriots and Slaves; The Memory Places. Followed by: A Chronology - At This Spot; a bibilography; and an index. 
Price: 16.45 CDN
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New York Harper and Brothers Publishers 1951 First Edition Hardcover Very Good Very Good 8vo 
(xviii) 297 pp. Quarter-bound is beige cloth on rose-coloured boards; lettered in red on the spine; endpaper maps; illustrated throughout with maps. Light edge and corner wear on the dustjacket with a bit of darkening around the edges and on the spine; price clipped; no interior markings. The Contents are: Introduction: Necessary Words; Outside the Door of History: A River Is Born; And Peoples Come and Go; Until the Sioux Decide to Stay; The Little People. The St Lawrence Brings the French: Radisson and Groseilliers Outreach Themselves but Not the Red River; Sir Duluth Almost Attains It; The Verendryes Discover It. The Nelson Brings the English: Peter Pond Discovers Red River Valley; Alexander Mackenzie Publicizes It; Lord Selkirk Wins It. Red River Settlement: Those Unfortunate Men; Good News; John Tanner, Falcon; Lord Selkirk Founds Fort Snelling; Exodus Red River Style. The Nor'men March South: Pig's Eye Coverted Thou Shalt Be; Red River's Million Dollar Trade; Red River Builds and Rebuilds St Paul; The Emperor of the North. The Old Order Changes Fast: York Factory Yields to St Paul; Dakota Territory Again Partitions the Valley; The Sioux Eat Grass; Annexation - New Bone of Contention; Red River Rebels; The Battle of Pembina. The Empire Builders: Goliath and David; The Steamboat Assists Its Own Doom; The Railroad Crosses the River; Bonanza; Due West from Red River. The Great Migrations: The Pioneers; Us Americans; Mr Riel and Mr Smith Rise Again. The Golden Door: Behold the Vote; Northwest Minnesota; Southern Manitoba; Red River Valley - North Dakota; The White Kid Glove Era; The Lifted Lamp; and Exit Bowing; followed by an index. 
Price: 27.45 CDN
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6 Leckie, Robert A FEW ACRES OF SNOW - The Saga of the French and Indian Wars
New York John Wiley and Sons Canada 1999 0471246905 / 9780471246909 First Edition Hardcover Very Good Very Good 8vo 
388 pp. Black boards lettered in silver on the spine; headband; illustrated with maps. Light wear on the corners of the dustjacket; price intact; no interior markings. The Contents are: Part One: A Continent Is Discoverd: Christopher Columbus; Tierra Tierra Land Land; The Colonizing Contest Begins. Part Two: Prelude to Wars: Samuel de Champlain; War in the Wilderness; Champlain Founds New France; King Louis XIV of France; The Kingdoms and Their Colonies; Iroquois Revenge and King Philip's War. Part Three: War of the Grand Alliance 1688 - 1697: Count Frontenac; Frontenac and the Fur Trade; James II - King - William III - Usurper; The Martyrs of New France; Canada the Quarrelsome; The Sun King and the War of the Grand Alliance; Frontenac Returns - Renews Border War; Heroines of Both Frontiers; Sir William Phips Wins and Loses. Part Four: War of the Spanish Succession 1701 - 1714 - Queen Anne's War: Anne Succeeds William; Border Aflame Again - Quebec Debacle. Part Five: War of the Austrian Succession 1740 - 1748 - King George's War: The Milishy Take Louisbourg; George II - British Colonies Explode. Part Six: Seven Years' War 1756 - 1763 - French and Indian War: George Washington; Defeat and Death of Braddock; Acadian Agony - Western Slaughter; Pitt Takes Charge - Montcalm Arrives - Lord Howe Killed; Washington - Patriot Planter Politician; Clip and Cut and Rob the King; Quebec: Before the Battle; Quebec: The Battle and Betrayal; and Retribution; followed by an idex. 
Price: 21.95 CDN
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7 Legg, John SHININ' TRAILS: A Possibles Bag of Fur Trade Trivia
Ogden, Utah Eagle's View Publishing Company 1988 0943604206 / 9780943604206 First Soft Cover Edition Paperback Very Good- 8vo Chebon Dacon; 
(vi) 106 pp. Trade paperback format. Edge and corner wear with an uncreased spine; no interior markings. Illustrated with photographs and line drawings; cover art by Chebon Dacon. The Chapters are: Early Days - The Eastern Frontier; North of the Great Lakes - The Fur Trade in Canada; Twixt and Tween - The Midwest and Old Northwest; West to the Pacific - The Journey of Lewis and Clark; Mountaineers - Trappers and Traders; The Opposition and... - The Fur Companies; What's in a Name - Nicknames and War Names; It's Frizzen Out - Fur Trade Equipment; To the Upper Missouri - Boats of the Fur Trade; Leading the Way - The Fur Trade Explorers; Time to Cache - Trading Posts and Forts; Shinin Times - Fur Trade Terminology; South Pass and Beyond - Places in the Fur Trade; In Sacajawea's Footsteps - Women and the Fur Trade; Raisin Hell - Rendezvous; Half Hoss Half Gator - Trappers and Traders Again; The High Cost of Living - Fur Trade Prices; Pilgrims and Such - Other Folks and the Fur Trade; Damp Powder - Battles Fights and Other Doin's; Possibles Sack - Miscellaneous; and Gone Beaver - Trappers and Traders Revisited. 
Price: 20.85 CDN
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8 Lynch, Jeremiah THREE YEARS IN THE KLONDIKE - The Lakeside Classics
Chicago The Lakeside Press 1967 First Printing - First Thus Hardcover Very Good 12mo 
(lvi) 375 pp. Blue cloth decorated in gilt on the front panel and spine; gilt upper edge; headband; illustrated with maps and with black and white photographs. Light rubbing; no interior markings; as issued, no dustjacket. The Contents are: List of Illustrations; Historical Introduction; Frisco to Dawson; First Day in Dawson; The Post Office; Trip to French Hill; Autumn of 1898 - Dawson; My First Snow Experience; The First Sleigh Journey; Eldorado and Bonanza; The Stampede; The Fire; The Mine; Autumn of 1899; Winter of 1899; Galena Creek; The Year 1900; The Robbery; The Murders; Around La Barge; and Summer of 1901; followed by an index and a list of the Lakeside Classics. 
Price: 16.45 CDN
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9 Morrison, Dorothy Nafus THE EAGLE AND THE FORT - The Story of John McLoughlin
Portland, Oregon Oregon Historical Society Press 1984 0875951678 / 9780875951676 Second Edition Paperback Very Good 8vo John Hart; 
(x) 178 pp. Lightly rubbed on the corners with a flat, uncreased but slightly faded spine; no interior markings. Cover art by John Hart. Illustrated with black and white photographs, maps and artwork. A hot temper and an incident with a rude British soldier changed the life of an eighteen-year-old medical apprentice. Young McLoughlin's temper pushed him away from what might have been a calm Quebec medical practice and into the wilderness to keep away from the King's Soldiers. He signed on as a physician with the North West Fur Company and spent the next twenty years traveling from post to post near Lake Superior. When North West and Hudson's Bay joined, he went west to the Oregon Territory and established the Hudson's Bay Company headquarters at Fort Vancouver... The Contents are: Author's Note; The Flight; Lords of the Lakes and Forests; The Grear Fur War; To the New Fort; Getting Started; The White-Headed Eagle; A Greater Fort Vancouver; Dr John's Dream; End of Isolation; and Zenith. 
Price: 16.45 CDN
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10 Rogozinski, Jan A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CARIBBEAN - from the Arawak and Carib to the Present
New York Plume Books - New American Library 2000 0452281938 / 9780452281936 First Printing - First Thus Paperback Very Good 8vo 
(xv) 415 pp. First Thus - Revised Edition. Trade paperback format. Light edge and corner wear with a faintly creased spine; no interior markings. Illustrated with black and white photographs and maps. The Chapters are: PART ONE: THE CARIBBEAN UNDER SPANISH RULE: The Enduring Environment and the First Islanders; Discovery of the Islands; Pirates Fight for Spanish Gold; Spain's Caribbean Colonies. PART TWO: NORTHERN EUROPEANS COME TO STAY: The Dutch Empire; Settlement of the Lesser Antilles; The Buccaneers of Jamaica Saint Domingue and the Bahamas; War and Piracy 1665 - 1720. PART THREE: THE SUGAR EMPIRE: Sugar Rules the Islands; The World of the Slaves; England and France Struggle to Control the Islands; Runaways and Rebels. PART FOUR: THE ABOLITION OF SLAVERY AND THE CHALLENGES OF FREEDOM: The British Colonies; The Spanish Islands Fight for Freedom; Hispaniola and the Leeward Islands. PART FIVE: POVERTY AND PROGRESS IN THE CARIBBEAN SINCE 1914: Cuba During the 20th Century; The Dominican Republic and Haiti; Colonialism's Mixed Blessings; The British Colonies Gain Independence; Jamaica Trinidad Barbados and the Bahamas Since Independence; and The English Speaking Eastern Caribbean States. 
Price: 27.45 CDN
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11 Tovell, Walter M. NIAGARA FALLS: The Story of a River
Toronto Royal Ontario Museum - University of Toronto 1966 First Printing Paperback Very Good 8vo 
16 pp. Staple-bound in pictorial card covers. Light edge and corner wear; no interior markings. Illustrated with black and photographs, drawings and maps. The Contents are: What Is It That Came to Pass; Who Finally Explained What Had Come to Pass; How Did It Come to Pass; Why Did It Come to Pass; When Did It Come to Pass; Where Is the Evidence; Some Published Rates of Recession in Feet Per Year;Some Dimensions of the Niagara River and Its Gorge; Slope of the Niagara River; and Suggested Reading. 
Price: 5.45 CDN
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12 Tree, Ronald BARBADOS - A History of Barbados
London Hart Davis MacGibbon 1973 0246105356 / 9780246105356 Third Printing Hardcover Very Good Very Good 8vo 
115 pp. Gold cloth lettered in gilt on the spine; beige endpaper maps. Light rubbing on the edges of the dustjacket with some wear at the foot of the spine; price intact; no interior markings. Illustrated with black and white plates. The Chapters are: The Early Settlers; Sugar and Slavery; Cavalier and Roundhead; The Century of Wars; The End of Prosperity; The Abolition of the Slave Trade; Barbados in the Nineteenth Century; The Jewish Settlement in Barbados; Religion and the End of Slavery; and Towards Independence; followed by an appendix: A Three Day Tour of the Island; and an index. 
Price: 16.45 CDN
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