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We are an Internet-only bookstore - although appointments can be made by e-mail: [email protected] And local pick-ups - anyone living in the GTA - are encouraged.  We were one of the earliest booksellers on-line - since 1997.  Also, W. Fraser Sandercombe is the author of a number of books, most of which are available here.  His first novel has recently been released through Misfit Studios in Toronto - Hartshorn, a fantasy.  His other recent titles, published by Collector's Guide Publishing and Apogee Books, are:  The Beatles Trilogy: The Beatles - The Press Reports; Beatlemania Forever - The Beatles Encyclopedia; and Beatle Books - From Genesis to Revolution.  And Masters of SF - The Science Fiction Hall of Fame.

Along the way, there have been some nice reviews:

The Beatle Books…A Long And Winding Road Of Literature by Joe Viglione

Musician W. Fraser Sandercombe, like many in the arts, wears a variety of hats. The Burlington, Ontario resident owns a rare book dealership with a bevy of delicious titles and has writing published in Macabre, Weirdbook, Moonbroth, Haunts and other magazines/media.

The author of Nothing Gold Can Stay – The Wildlife of Upper Canada (Boston Mills Pr, 1985) as well as the upcoming (July 2010) Masters of SF: The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, however, may be remembered most for his attention to detail in three collections on the works of The Beatles.

The newest, Beatle Books: From Genesis to Revolution, is a jaw-dropping bibliography on 1400 of the published titles…fourteen hundred! Ask a Beatles fan the question “How many books do you think are currently in-print on the Beatles” and you’ll get varying responses…hundreds …700…900…but this number is mind-boggling, and will continue to go up just as movie fans will continue to purchase tickets to Avatar in 2010.

As a long-time book critic I tend to put Beatles books in three categories, GREAT, then there’s the books that are good, and then there are the dreadful tomes that miss the mark.  Let’s look at the importance and the scope of this work. Collecting so many titles in alphabetical order is a dream come true for serious disc jockeys, music fans, television hosts, writers and those who appreciate the work of the Fab 4. Some of the reviewers have not been kind to this Beatle Books: From Genesis to Revolution, but they are judgmental, if not crazy. To this fan, it’s one of the most important and needs to be in the top 10, a huge reference guide that I am most thankful for.

Sandercombe has previously issued June 2007’s The Beatles: The Press Reports 1960 – 1970 and August 2008’s Beatlemania Forever: The Beatles Encyclopedia. The Press Reports is another stunning collection of articles – 1957-1970 articles from the news media put back into print in book form here along with material published after the Beatles disbanded. The Collectors Guide publisher’s page states: “The Beatles received more media attention than any other rock band in history. This book explores their year-by-year exploits as they grew from a local phenomenon to international superstars” and that the three books make up an important trilogy goes without saying.  Beatlemania Forever is the frosting on the cake, an encyclopedia that notes such obscurities as Ringo Starr appearing in Donn Alan “D. A.” Pennebaker’s 1973 film of David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars – a film that is said to have had a few brief airings in public until re-released ten years later in 1983 on video.

I put all three of these books on my A List for Beatles collectors…






Beatlemania Forever: The Beatles Encyclopedia by W. Fraser Sandercombe

This ambitious volume sets out to catalog all the people, places and projects associated with The Beatles. Naturally, there are entries for each member of the band and both Beatles and individual members’ solo releases and other projects, as well as various companies and other celebrities (and non-celebrities, including session musicians and roadies) who have had links with The Beatles over the years.

While entries are, by necessity, brief, browsing through the book is not the dry experience you might expect from a volume with “encyclopedia” in the title. Longer entries covering major albums, tours, and other notable events in the band’s history are enlivened with quotes from news coverage and interviews. “Beatlemania Forever” is also more portable than your average encyclopedia.  It’s well-organized and thoroughly cross-referenced, and should appeal to hardcore Beatles fans as well as being an excellent reference book for casual fans. — Joyce Greenholdt

And still:




BOOK REVIEW: The Beatles: The Press Reports by W. Fraser Sandercombe




There are only a handful of Beatle books that really dig into primary source material about the Fab Four. There are but a few single book titles that really give you a nicely packaged first-hand account of primary source material. I was surprised to see a summation of every Beatles’ press report. This book provides every press release from the earliest announcement to the very last break-up newspaper clipping. With all the attention that the media played (and still plays) on the career and legacy of the Fab Four, it’s nice to go back and relive, from A to Z, that relationship that they had with the media machine.




This book was the perfect title to simply pick-up and flip open. It’s like throwing a dart at stock charts. You get these little gems announcing albums, and celebrating these moments in Beatle history that you forget about. This book is like one of those “on this day in Beatle history books.”

There is one small difference though, this book has some meat behind it. It is perfect for those of you who know all the minute, details of the Fab Four and their career. There are items listed in this title that make it more than an essential addition to every Beatle fan’s bookshelf. As I flipped through this book, it’s nice to see The Beatles’ handlers have more and more fun with the press releases as time went by in their career. This book is a welcome ... The one common theme with all of these books is how they manage to transport you back in time. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. Well done.  Posted by  



We specialise in First Editions and collectible books - and usually have around 500 signed editions in stock at any given moment - ranging through most of the genres: Fantasy; Horror; Science Fiction; Mysteries; and a good selection of Literature; Historical Adventure; History; Outdoors; True Crime; and Assorted Non-fiction. We display roughly 15,000 books and add to our catalogues regularly.






Scans are available for all our books.  If you would like to see something, just ask.



















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