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Sports - Horse Related

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Sports - Horse Related

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Kenilworth, England The British Horse Society incorporating The Pony Club 1970 First Revised Edition Soft Cover Very Good Ephemera 12mo 
32 pp. Staple-bound in card covers. Light rubbing on the corners; previous owner's name inside. Includes a dropped-in section containing the 1971 amendments to this 1970 revised edition. The Chapters are: Three-day Events; Horse Trials: General Rules; Dressage; Jumping; and Cross-country; followed by an index. 
Price: 10.95 CDN
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2 Anonymous HOW TO BET ON WINNERS - Standard Off Track Calculations - The Race Begins at the 8th Pole
New York Boone Enterprises 1965 First Edition Soft Cover Very Good Ephemera 8vo 
31 pp. Staple-bound in pictorial card covers. Actually undated, circa 1965. Light wear at the corners with a few small marks on the front cover; no interior markings. The Contents are: Fundamentals; Important; The Essentials of Successful Play; Post Positions: The Race Begins at the 8th Pole; Influence and the Human Weakness; The Hazards and the Human Elements; Enthusiasm and Incentive on Greed; Some Tricks of the Trade; Tote Board Distraction; Rite Money and Wise Money; Outside Post; The Jockey Method; Process of Elimination; The Horse Lovers; Selecting Horses; Handicapping; The Sucker; The Tout; Class; Outside Entries; and First Time Starters. 
Price: 16.45 CDN
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New York Citadel Press 1964 Third Printing Soft Cover Very Good 8vo 
156 pp. Trade paperback format. Edge and corner wear with minor creasing on the spine; no interior markings. The Chapters are: The Crystal Ball; A Battle of Wits; The Third Man; The Voice of the Tote Board; Down on the Form; Flunking the Class; The Pace that Kills; The Distance of Defeat; Grounds for Surprise; The Losing Spot; A Race That's Fit to Play; How to Bet the Winners; Pure Handicapping; and Smart Money Handicapping. 
Price: 16.45 CDN
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4 Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire; Craven, Mr W. G.; Coventry, Arthur; Watson, Alfred E. T. (dedication by His Grace The Duke of Beaufort K.G.) RACING - and - STEEPLE CHASING (Steeplechasing) - The Badminton Library
London Longmans Green and Co. 1886 First Edition Hardcover Very Good 12mo John Sturgess; 
(xii) 419 pp. Burgundy leather decorated in gilt on the panels and spine; marbled endpapers; headband. Edge and corner wear with a previous owner's name in pencil inside; hinges tight, gutters intact. Both titles in a single volume: RACING by the Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire, and Mr W. G. Craven: the Chapters are: History of Horse Racing; Horses of Ancient Britain; The Progress of the Sport; History of the Jockey Club; Racing Officials: Clerk of the Course; The Starter; The Judge; The Clerk of the Scales; The Handicapper; The Stakeholder; The Stewards; Newmarket; Racing in the Provinces; Racing Servants: Old Style and New; Breeding; Treatment of Yearlings; Early Trials; Three Year Olds; Over a Distance of Ground; Upon Trainers; Upon Jockeys; and Betting. STEEPLE-CHASING by Arthur Coventry and Alfred E. T. Watson: the Chapters are: The Origin and Development of Steeple Chasing; The Selection of the Chaser; Schooling; Fences and Fencing; Riding the Race; Hurdle Racing; Local Meetings; and Famous Chasers and Their Riders; followed by an appendix: Original Straing of Our Horses with Tabulated Pedigress; and an index. Illustrated with line drawings by John Sturgess. 
Price: 98.95 CDN
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5 Francis, Dick (re: Lester Piggott) LESTER - The Official Biography
London Michael Joseph 1986 0718112555 / 9780718112554 First Edition Hardcover Very Good Very Good 8vo 
(xi) 338 pp. Black boards lettered in silver on the spine; illustrated with black and white plates. Light wear at the corners; price intact; no interior markings. The Contents are: Author's Note; Introduction; Origins; Childhood; Apprenticeship; Jumping; The Shape of Racing Year; Never Say Die; Suspensions Part 1; Crepello Carrozza and Petite Etoile; Susan Maureen and Tracy; St Paddy; Injuries Part 1; Suspensions Part 2; Sir Ivor; Nijinsky; The Row Over Roberto; The Roberto Rheingold and Hard to Beat Circus; Empery; The Minstrel and Alleged; Injuries Part 2; Trainers; Teenoso; Choosing the Horses Riding the Courses; Travels; Commanche Run and After; and The Man Inside the Myth; followed by appendices and an index. 
Price: 21.95 CDN
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6 Frayne, Trent (introduction by Red Smith) NORTHERN DANCER AND FRIENDS
Toronto Longmans Canada 1969 First Edition Hardcover Very Good Good Only 8vo 
152 pp. Turquoise boards lettered in black on the spine. Chipping on the corners of the dustjacket with some wear around the edges and some rubbing on the panels; no interior markings. The Chapters are: The Day the Dancer Did It for Canada; Who'd Want to Be a Jockey; Frank Merrill's Winning Way with Horses; This Was Longden: World's Youngest Cowboy; The Greatest Horse He Ever Rode; The Injuries Can Kill You; The Lure of Race Riding; It's All in the Way You Feel; The Peaks and Hollows Life of Lou Cavalaris; Everybody's Welcome - Just Bring Money; Horses Run for Turcotte; and The Five Internationalists. 
Price: 27.45 CDN
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7 Godson, David THE RIGHT LEAD - Horses
Erin, Ontario Private Printing 1975 First Edition Paperback Very Good 8vo 
73 pp. Trade paperback format. Light edge and corner wear with an uncreased spine; no interior markings. Illustrated with line drawings and diagrams. The Chapters are: History of the Horse; Identification of Horses; Stabling and Horse Management; Grooming; Saddlery; Blemishes and Conformation; Horse's Eyesight; Feeding; Minor First Aid; Choosing Your Horse or Pony; What You Should Wear; How to Hold the Reins - Preparation before Mounting - Mounting; Seat of the Rider; Position of the Rider; Aids; Turning; Stopping - The Walk; The Trot; The Canter; The Balanced Seat; Jumping; Jumping Problems; Some Hints on Jump Construction; Winter Riding; Pony Club; and On Closing. 
Price: 16.45 CDN
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8 Godson, W. David (foreword by Elizabeth Ashton) THE EQUINE QUESTIONNAIRE
Caledon, Ontario Godson Publishing 1984 0969143508 / 9780969143505 Second Printing Paperback Very Good 8vo Jean Abernethy; Tisha Pratt; 
260 pp. Trade paperback format. Light edge and corner wear with some creasing on the spine; no interior markings. Cover art by Jean Aberneth; interior line drawings by Tisah Pratt. The Chapters are: Novice Section: Horse Terminology; Safety; Stable Management; Grooming; Health and First Aid; Feeding; Saddlery and Bitting; Showing in Hand; Equitation. Intermediate Section: Stable Management; Shoeing; Grooming; Braiding; Clipping; Trimming; Horse Clothing; Bandaging; Loading and Transporting; Methods of Restraint; Anatomy; Teeth; Conformation; Gaits; Common Unsoundness; Health and First Aid; Common Injuries; Internal Parasites; External Parasites; Pre-Purchase Horse Examination; Conditioning; Breeding; Genetics; Feeding; Grains; Hays; Pasture; Feeding for Conditioning; Saddlery; Bitting; Equitation; Jumping; Types of Fences; Longeing; and Teaching Basics. Tables and Charts: Tack Sizes; Height of Horse in Inches/Meters; Height of Fence in Inches/Meters; Common Parasites; Anatomy Terminology; Conformation Faults to Avoid in Specific Horse Types; Possible Problems Associated with Areas of the Horse; Unsoundness - Movement Problems; Diagnosis Chart; Medical Terminology; Ideal Conformation for a Specific Type of Horse; Common Feeds Showing Weight Per Quart; and The Word HORSE in Different Languages. 
Price: 32.95 CDN
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9 Kusyshyn, Igor; Stanley, Al; Dragich, Sam THE GAMBLING TIMES GUIDE TO HARNESS RACING
Hollywood, California Gambling Times Incorporated 1984 0897460022 / 9780897460026 First Edition Soft Cover Very Good 8vo Jerome D. Holder; 
(xi) 146 pp. Light edge and corner wear with a flat uncreased spine; no interior markings. Illustrated with line drawings and charts. Cover art by Jerome D. Holder. The Contents are: Preface; The How To World of Harness Racing; A Brief History of the Sport; How to Plan a Night at the Races; How to Read a Program; How to Watch a Race; How to Read the Tote Board; Hot to Behave at the Windows; Personnel; Racetrack People and Places; Hot a Racing Card Is Put Together; Horse Ownership; All About Horse Ownership; So You Want to be a Horse Owner; All About Claiming; Keeping a Horse Sharp; Harness Handicapping; Handicapping Fundamentals; Improving Your Chances at the Window; How to Wager; Harness Trivia Quiz; Roster of Extended Pari-Mutuel Tracks; Glossary of Terms; and Keeping Your Gambling Knowledge Current. 
Price: 14.25 CDN
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10 McBane, Susan YOUR FIRST HORSE - A Guide to Buying and Owning
London Stanley Paul 1985 0091623510 / 9780091623517 First Printing - First Thus Soft Cover Very Good 8vo Rodney Paull; 
161 pp. Trade paperback format. Light rubbing on the corners with a flat uncreased spine; original price in ink on the front endpaper. Illustrated with line drawings by Rodney Paull and with black and white plates. The Chapters are: The Horse for You; Management Systems; Finding Accommodation; Playing Safe; Now Find Your Horse; Your First Meeting; Tack Harness Clothing and Equipment; Care and Management; Activities to Enjoy; Transportation; and Moving On. 
Price: 16.45 CDN
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North Hollywood, California Melvin Powers - Wilshire Book Company 1967 0879803207 / 9780879803209 First Printing - First Thus Paperback Very Good 8vo 
182 pp. Light edge and corner wear with a flat uncreased but slightly faded spine; no interior markings. Illustrated with racing forms. A Horse Player's Winning Guide and a practical guide for handicapping winners. The Contents are: Four Questions That Need to be Answered; Know Your Subject; Essentials of Handicapping; Special Points; Some Exercises in Handicapping; Betting Plans; The Daily Double and Similar Forms of Wagering; Psychological Factors; and A Final Word. 
Price: 10.95 CDN
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New York Bantam Books 1947 Second Printing Paperback Very Good Bob Kuhn; 
150 pp. Bantam Book 551. Light edge and corner wear with minor creasing on the spine; no interior markings. Cover art by Bob Kuhn. The Contents are: Horse Racing in America; Origin of the Thoroughbred; Horse Horoscopes; How to Beat the Races in Three Words; Barnum Was Conservative; How Much Did I Win; Reading the Hieroglyphics; How Is Your System; Mechanical Policeman; What Racing Needs; The Buggy Dashers; Big Red; and Rules of Racing; followed by American Race Tracks; and Racing Glossary. 
Price: 8.75 CDN
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New York Collier Books 1972 Fifth Printing Paperback Very Good 
128 pp. Collier Book 02962. Light edge and corner wear with a crease on the spine; no interior markings. The Contents are: Introduction; What Kind of Race Is It?; Calories and You; Separating the Men from the Boys; Vive la Difference; It's Not the Hobgoblin of Little Minds; SPEED; The Race is Pace; Class Will Tell; Handicapping Systems; Betting Systerms; Gold Nuggets; Pari-Mutuels and the Tote Board; and How to Read the Dope; followed by Appendices: Tracks; Glossary; Leading Stables; Leading Trainers; Leading Jockeys; Scale of Weights for Age; and Parts of a Horse. 
Price: 8.75 CDN
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14 Pittenger, Peggy HOW TO RAISE A FOAL
Omaha, Nebraska The Farnam Horse Library 1973 First Edition Paperback Very Good 12mo 
64 pp. Lightly rubbed on the corners with a flat uncreased spine; no interior markings. Illustrated with colour photographs. The Contents are: Introduction; But First, a Few Words About the Mare; The Newborn; Training Begins Immediately; Turning Out; Feeding; Preventive Shots; Parasite Control; Care of the Feet; Methods of Restraint; Weaning; Yearlings; Two Year Olds; Teeth; Castration; Registration; Selling the Foal; Forecast; Birth Defects; and Neonatal Diseases. 
Price: 10.95 CDN
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15 Prince, Eleanor F.; Collier, Gaydell M. (foreword by Dave Jones) BASIC TRAINING FOR HORSES - English and Western
New York Broadway Books 1989 0385262388 / 9780385262385 Later Printing Paperback Very Good 8vo E. F. Prince; 
(xx) 425 pp. Trade paperback format. Edge and corner wear with a flat uncreased spine; no interior markings. Illustrated with black and white photographs and diagrams; and line drawings by E. F. Prince. The Chapters are: Part One: The Art of Training: The Psychology of Training Horses; General Conditions of Training. Part Two: Basic Training: Foal Training; Longeing; Suppling Bitting and Driving; Training to Ride; Producing a Pleasurable Mount; Cavalletti and Jumping; Basic Trail Training. Part Three: Basic Advanced Training: Advanced Ground Training; Advanced English Training; Advanced Western Training. Part Four: Competition: Training to Show; Training for Competitive and Endurance Riding. Part Five: Corrective Training and Special Problems: General Considerations Concerning the Problem Horse; and Correcting the Problems; followed by an index. 
Price: 27.45 CDN
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