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1 Cooley, Richard K.; Vanderwolf, C. H. STEREOTAXIC SURGERY IN THE RAT - A Photographic Series
London, Ontario A. J. Kirby Co. 1978 0920700004 / 9780920700006 Second Edition Paperback Very Good 4to 
Unpaginated. Oblong and staple-bound in card covers. Light wear on the corners with a small ink mark on the front endpaper. Illustrated throughout with black and white photographs. The Contents are: Introduction; The Stereotaxic Instrument; Anatomical Planes; Surgical Instruments and Supplies; Sterilization; Sterilization of Small Items; Anasthesia; Shaving the Scalp; Positioning the Head Within the Stereotaxic Instrument; and so on. 
Price: 109.95 CDN
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Toronto Copp Clark 1935 First Edition Hardcover Very Good 8vo 
(v) 162 pp. Red cloth decorated in black on the front panel; lettered in black on the spine; illustrated endpapers. Light wear on the corners; previous owner's name on the front free endpaper; no other interior markings. Illustrated with line drawings and diagrams. The Chapters are: Chemical Change; Quantitative Laws; Molecular Weights and Formulas; Solids Liquids and Gases; Solution and Osmosis; Chemical Equilbrium; Electro-Chemistry; Colloids; Alkali Metals; Copper; Silver; Magnesium; Calcium; Zinc; Aluminium; Carbon; Organic Substances; Lead; Nitrogen; Phosphorus; Arsenic; Antimony; Oxygen and Ozone; Sulphur; Hydrogen and Hydrogen Peroxide; Chlorine; Bromine; Iodine; and Iron; followed by an appendix. 
Price: 27.45 CDN
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Toronto Clarke Irwin and Company 1949 First Edition Hardcover Very Good 12mo Signed by Author
(ix) 226 pp. Personalized inscription by B. C. Diltz on the front free endpaper; the author's signature on the title page. Red cloth decorated in blue and white on the front panel and spine; illustrated with black and white plates. Lightly rubbed on the corners with a slightly faded spine; aside from the author's writing, no interior markings. The Contents are: Foreword; The English Phrase; The Spendid English Phrase; Figures of Speech; Hiya Folks; The Language We Speak; Pronunciation and Usage; The Grammar of Meaning; Defining; The Mind's Ear; Writing the Script; Argument; Planning the Structure; The Paragraph - Its Structure and Rhetoric; The Sentence - Its Structure and Syntax; What's Funny; Invention; The Fable; The Literary Essay; Precis Writing; Paragraph Appreciation; For Criticism and Correction; Good Taste; Style; Prose Style of the Masters; Contemporary Prose; Discrimination; A Personal Prose Style; Autumn; A Point of View; A Changing Point of View; Creating Effects; Impressions; Creating Impressions; Exteriors and Interiors; The Mind's Eye; Snapshots and Pen Portraits; Character Sketches; Groups; Moods and Mental States; Reviewing Books and Films; and The Editorial Essay; followed by Appendix One: Topics for Essay Writing; Appendix Two: Preparation of Manuscript; and an index. 
Price: 27.45 CDN
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London Cambridge University Press 1970 0521077869 / 9780521077866 First Edition Hardcover Very Good Very Good- 8vo 
(xi) 294 pp. Green cloth decorated in gilt on the spine; illustrated with drawings and charts. Edge and corner wear on the dustjacket; price clipped; no interior markings. The Contents are: Preface; Introduction; Unspecialized Parasites; Specialized Parasites: Vascular Wilt Fungi; Specialized Parasites: Ectotrophic Root-infecting Fungi; Competitive Saprophytic Colonization of Substrates by Root-infecting Fungi; Saprophytic Survival of Root-infecting Fungi in Infected or Colonized Host Tissues; Dormant Survival by Resting Propagules of Root-infecting Fungi; and Principles of Root-disease Control; followed by a bibliography and an index. 
Price: 16.45 CDN
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5 Hamilton, G. A.; Crawford, H. R.; Hook, R. A.; Wilker, L. J.; Savage, B. W. HORTICULTURE - for Profit and Pleasure
Toronto J. M. Dent and Sons - Canada 1969 0460924737 / 9780460924733 First Edition Hardcover Very Good 8vo 
(xix) 396 pp. Black cloth - pictorial boards; green endpapers; illustrated with black and white photographs, diagrams and line drawings; as issued, no dustjacket. Light wear on the corners; no interior markings. The Chapters are: What Is Horticulture; Botany; Soils and Drainage; Plant Propagation; Lawns; Woody Plant Materials; Herbaceous Plant Materials; Fruit and Vegetable Culture; Landscape Art; Garden and Greenhouse Maintainance; Floral Design; Greenhouses: Growing Flowers Under Glass; Insects; Plant Diseases; and Horticultural Chemicals; followed by a glossary and an index. 
Price: 54.95 CDN
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6 Larson, Robert L.; Grana, William A. (editors) THE KNEE - Form Function Pathology and Treatment
Philadelphia W. B. Saunders Company - Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1993 0721634958 / 9780721634951 First Edition Hardcover Very Good 4to 
(xiii) 699 pp. Gray cloth decorated in red and gilt on the front panel and spine; headband; illustrated with black and white and drawings, diagrams, x-rays and photographs; also, an assortment of colour photographs. Lightly rubbed on the corners; no interior markings; as issued, no dustjacket. Written by doctors, the Contents are: Part One: Basic Considerations: Introduction and Historical Perspective by Robert L. Larson; Functional and Surgical Anatomy by William A. Grana and Robert L. Larson; Psysiologic and Biomechanical Considerations by William A. Grana; Clinical Evaluation by Robert L. Larson; Diagnotic Evaluation by William A. Grana. Part Two: General Orthopaedic Considerations: Congenital and Developmental Problems of the Knee by J. Andy Sullivan; Regional Fractures of the Knee by H. David Moehring; Tumors and Their Treatment by Dempsy S. Springfield and William W. Tomford; Osteochondrial Allografts for Reconstruction of Articular Defects by John C. Garrett; Infectious and Inflammatory Processes of the Knee by J. Andy Sullivan; Arthritis and Arthroplasy by Paul J. Tsahakis, Gregory W. Brick and Thomas S. Thornill; Extra-articular and Overuse Problems by William A. Grana. Part Three: Orthopaedic Sports Traumatology: Arthroscopy by John F. Meyers; Rehabilitation by William A. Grana; Patellofemoral Pain Problems by William A. Grana; Problems of the Menisci and Their Treatment by W. Dilworth Cannon Jr; Osteochondritis Dissecans by John C. Garrett. Part Four: Orthopaedic Sports Traumatology: Laxity of the Knee: Evaluation and Decision Making for Ligamentous Injury by Robert L. Larson; Acute Dislocations by Robert S. Burger and Robert L. Larson; Acute Ligamentous Injury by Robert S. Burger and Robert L. Larson; Chronic Anterior Anterolateral and Anteromedial Instability by Robert S. Burger and Robert L. Larson; Chronic Posterior and Posterolateral Laxity by William A. Grana; Allograft and Synthetic Reconstruction of the Ligaments of the Knee by William A. Grana; and Complications in Arthroscopic and Ligamentous Knee Surgery by Jonathan Greenleaf and Robert L. Larson; followed by an index. 
Price: 98.95 CDN
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7 Love, Samuel G. INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION - A Guide to Manual Training
New York E. L. Kellogg and Company 1887 First Edition Hardcover Very Good- 12mo Vesta Willard; 
(xviii) 306 pp. Beige cloth decorated in black and gilt on the front panel; lettered in gilt on the spine; brown endpapers; illustrated with black and white drawings and diagrams by Vesta Willard; written with the assistance of Mary R. Willard. Wear at the corners with some rubbing on the panels and a bit of fading on the spine; previous owner's name on the front free endpaper; no other interior markings. The Contents are: Preface; Suggestions to Teachers; The Claims of Manual Training; Introduction of Industrial or Manual Training; Course of Study; Suggestions, Lessons and Methods of Instructions in Manual Training in the Primary School; Manual Work for Boys and Girls; and Manual Training in the High School. 
Price: 54.95 CDN
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8 Marshall, A. J. (editor) (W. E. Swinton; Robert W. Storer; D. L. Serventy; Ruth Bellairs; Mary E. Rawles; C. R. Jenkin; Andrew J. Berger; J. R. Riomons; G. W. Salt; Erki Zeuthen; Donald S. Farner; Ivan Sperber; Adolf Portmann; Werner Stingelin) BIOLOGY AND THE COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY OF BIRDS - Volume (1) (i) One - and - Volume (2) (ii) Two
New York and London Academic Press 1960 First Edition Hardcover Very Good Very Good 8vo 
(xii, x) 518, 468 pp. Please note, these are large, heavy books and depending where in the world you are, chances are the shipping will be higher than normal. Both books are matching in blue cloth decorated in red and gilt on the spine; headband; illustrated with black and white photographs and line drawings. Both dustjackets have some wear on the corners with a few small nicks and chips around the edges; previous owner's name on the front free endpaper of both volumes (same owner). The Contents are: Volume One: Preface by A. J. Marshall; The Origin of Birds by W. E. Swinton; Adaptive Radiation in Birds by Robert W. Storer; The Classification of Birds by Robert W. Storer; Geographical Distribution of Living Birds by D. L. Serventy; Development of Birds by Ruth Bellairs; The Integumentary System by Mary E. Rawles; The Skeleton of Birds by A. D'A. Bellairs and C. R. Jenkin; The Musculature by Andrew J. Berger; The Blood Vascular System by J. R. Simons; The Respiratory System by G. W. Salt and Erki Zeuthen; Digestion and the Digestive System by Donald S. Farner; and Excretion by Ivan Sperber; followed by Author Index and Subject Index. Volume Two: The Central Nervous System by Adolf Portmann and Werner Stingelin; Sensory Organs: Skin Taste and Olfaction by A. Portmann; Sensory Organs: Equilibration by A. Portmann; Sensory Organs: Vision by R. J. Pumphrey; Sensory Organs: Hearing by R. J. Pumphrey; Endocrine Glands, Thymus and Pineal Body by E. Otto Hoen; Sex and Secondary Sexual Characteristics by Emil Witschi; Reproduction by A. J. Marshall; Energy Metabolism, Thermoregulation and Body Temperature by James R. King and Donald S. Farner; Flight by R. H. J. Brown; Breeding Season and Migration by A. J. Marshall; Long Distance Orientation by G. Kramaer; Behavior by R. A. Hinde; and Bird Populations by John A. Gibb; followed by Author Index and Subject Index. 
Price: 54.95 CDN
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9 McCulloch, John A.; Macnab, Ian SCIATICA AND CHYMOPAPAIN
Baltimore and London Williams and Wilkins 1983 0683057545 / 9780683057546 First Edition Hardcover Very Good 8vo 
(viii) 225 pp. Blue cloth decorated in red and gilt on the front panel and spine; headband; illustrated with black and white photographs and diagrams. Light edge and corner wear; no interior markings; as issued, no dustjacket. The Contents are: Preface; Anatomy; Epidemiological Aspectes of a Herniated Nucleus Pulposus; Biological Basis of a Herniated Nucleus Pulposus; Biomechanical Concepts in Herniated Nucleus Pulposus; The Pathogenesis of Sciatica; The Clinical Syndrome of Lumbar Root Compression Due to Disc Rupture; Pain and Disability; Chymopapain - Chemistry and Tissue Reaction; Selection of Patients for Chemonucleolysis; Technique of Chemonucleolysis; Post-Chemonucleolsys Course; and Adverse Reactions to Chymopapain; followed by an Epilogue; Appendix: Patient Preadministration and Discharge Instructions for Chymopapain Injection; and an index. 
Price: 27.45 CDN
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10 Miller, Frank TECHNICAL GRAPHICS - Mini-course - Pictorial Drawing - 1 Point Perspective
Oakville, Ontario Sheridan College Educational Services 1973 First Printing Paperback Very Good 4to 
(v) 35 pp. Staple-bound in card covers, magazine sized. Light edge and corner wear; no interior markings. Illustrated with drawings and diagrams. The Contents are: One Point Perspective Illustrations; Fundamentals of Linear Perspective; The Station Point; Vanishing Points; One Point Perspective Scale; Secondary Vanishing Points; Distortion Limitations; Attitude Control; Ellipses; Irregular Curves and Surfaces; Section, Cutaway and Exploded Views; Cone of Vision Selection; The Measuring Point System; Advancing Ahead of the Picture Plane; Exercise Criteria; and Assignment Criteria. 
Price: 43.95 CDN
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11 Moen, Aaron N. (foreword by Douglas L. Gilbert) WILDLIFE ECOLOGY - An Analytical Approach
San Francisco W. H. Freeman and Company 1973 0716708264 / 9780716708261 First Edition Hardcover Very Good 4to 
(xviii) 458 pp. Black cloth with a red and beige pictorial on the front panel; lettered in beige on the front panel; lettered in beige and red on the spine; brown endpapers; headband; illustrated with black and white photographs, charts and diagrams. Light wear at the corners; previous owner's name inside; as issued, no dustjacket. The Chapters are: Part One: Life, Interactions and Ecological Modeling: Productivity Gradients; Interactions Between Organisms and Environment; Ecological Modeling and Simulation. Part Two: The Distribution of Matter and Energy in Time and Space: Soil Water and Topography; Weather in Relation to Physical Characteristics; Weather and teh Processes of Thermal Exchange. Part Three: Metabolism and Nutrition: Energy Metabolism; Digestion; Ingestion and Nutrient Utilization. Part Four: Behavioral Factors in Relation to Productivity: The Organism as a Fundamental Unit in a Population; Intraspecies Interaction; Interspecies Interaction. Part Five: Energy Flux and the Ecological Organization of Matter: Thermal Energy Exchange Between Organism and Environment; Physiological Behavior and Genetic Responses to the Thermal Environment; The Organization of Energy and Matter in Plant and Animal Communities. Part Six: Productivity, Populations and Decision Making: A Biological Basis for the Calculation of Carrying Capacity; Mathematical Analyses of Factors Affecting Carrying Capacity; N-Dimensional Population Structures; Predicting Population Dynamics; and Ecological Analyses and Decision Making Procedures; followed by Appendixes: Weights and Measurements; Weather, Thermal Factors and the Julian Calendar; Weight and Matabolic Weight; Radiant Temperature in Relation to Air Temperature; Surface Area in Relation to Weight; Symbols; Reference Books; Instructions fo Contributors to the Professional Literture; and an index. 
Price: 49.45 CDN
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12 Smith, David Eugene; Luse, Eva May; Morss, Edward Longworth; Addison, Wilfred Marvin CANADIAN PROBLEM AND PRACTICE ARITHMETICS
Montreal Ginn and Company 1930 First Printing - First Thus Hardcover Very Good 12mo 
454 pp. followed by the answers to the problems. Circa 1930s. Red cloth decorated with black on the front panel and spine. Edge and corner wear with chipping at the head and foot of the spine; no interior markings. Illustrated with drawings, photographs and diagrams. The Chapters are: Earning, Spending and Saving Money - Arithmetic Objective: Review of the Types of Computations that People Use in Everyday Life; Using Per Cents in Business - Arithmetic Objective: Percentage Applied to Simple Mercantile Problems; Banks and Investments - Arithmetic Objective: The Computations Used by the Individual in Banking and in Investing Money; Familiar Geometric Forms - Arithmetic Objective: The Study of Useful Geometic Forms; Problems About Great Canadian Industires - Arithmetic Objective: Applications of all Operations, Fractions, Decimals and Per Cents; Knowledge and Finance - Arithmetic Objective: Applications Contiuned: Ratio and Proportion; Our Government and Ourselves - Arithmetic Objective: The Computations Needed by the Citizen in his Relations with the Government; Measurements and Science - Arithmetic Objective: Measurements Reviewed and Extended; Use of Tables of Roots; Simple Scientific Computations. 
Price: 43.95 CDN
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13 Vesselo, I. R.; Morrison, R. D. THE AIR CADET'S HANDBOOK ON RADIO (6) Six
London George Allen and Unwin 1942 First Edition Paperback Very Good- 16mo 
96 pp. Heavy card covers. Light wear at the corners with a crease on the front cover; previous owner's name on the inside cover. Illustrated with diagrams. The Chapters are: Electric Cells - Units - Ohm's Law; Effects of an Electric Current - Ammeters and Voltmeters - Magnetic Fields; The Electric Motor - Electromagnetic Induction - Transmission of Sound; Electricity at Rest - Condensers - Inductance - Electromagnetic Waves; Alternating Current; The Thermionic Valve; Transmission - Receivers; Aerials - Power Supplies; and Radio as an Aid to Navigation. 
Price: 21.95 CDN
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14 Weiner, Irving B.; Hess, Allen K. (editors) (Curt R. Bartol; Anne M. Bartol; Allen K. Hess; David F. Daniell; Barbara Stanley; Paul Brinson; Kathryn D. Hess; James Neal Butcher; Terri Cross Harlow; Daniel J. Reschly; Ralph Slovenko; Thomas R. Litwack) HANDBOOK OF FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY
New York John Wiley and Sons Canada 1987 047181735X / 9780471817352 Second Printing Hardcover Very Good Very Good 8vo 
(xv) 725 pp. Please note, this is a large, heavy book and chances are, depending where in the world you are, the shipping will be somewhat higher than normal. Black cloth decorated in red and silver on the front panel and spine; decorated endpapers; headband. Light wear on the corners of the dustjacket; no interior markings. The Chapters are: PART ONE: BACKGROUND: History of Forensic Psychology by Curt R. Bartol and Anne M. Bartol; Dimensions of Forensic Psychology by Allen K. Hess; Accessing Legal Literatures by David F. Daniell. PART TWO: AREAS OF APPLICATION ON CIVIL PROCEEDINGS: Informed Consent in Treatment and Research by Barbara Stanley; Mediating Domestic Law Issues by Paul Brinson and Kathryn D. Hess; Personality Assessment in Personal Injury Cases by James Neal Butcher and Terri Cross Harlow; Assessing Educational Handicaps by Daniel J. Reschly; Civil Competency by Ralph Slovenko. PART THREE: AREAS OF APPLICATION IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE: Assessing and Predicting Violence: Research Law and Applications by Thomas R. Litwack and Louis B. Schlesinger; Evaluating Eyewitness Testimony by Gail S. Goodman and Annette Hahn; Assessing the Competence of Juries by Steven D. Penrod and Brian L. Cutter; Recommending Probation and Parole by Harold J. Vetter; Specific Intent and Diminished Capacity by Charles R. Clark; Defining and Assessing Competency to Stand Trial by Ronald Roesch and Stephen L. Golding; The Assessment of Criminal Responsibility: A Historical Approach to a Current Controversy; Consulting with Police by Martin Reiser and Nels Klyver; What Psychologists Should Know About Lie Detection by William G. Iacono and Christopher J. Patrick; Forensic Uses of Hypnosis by David Spiegel and Herbeft Spiegel. PART FOUR: COMMUNICATING EXPERT OPINIONS: Writing Forensic Reports by Irving B. Weiner; Consulting and Testifying in Court by Margaret Thaler Singer and Abraham Nievod. PART FIVE: TREATMENT: Intervention with Incarcerated Offenders by Michael A. Milan and Joseph H. Evans; Intervention as Prevention by Joan McCord; Psychotherapy with Criminal Offenders by Max J. Mobley; Intervention with Victim/Survivors by Lenore E. Auerbach Walker. PART SIX: PROFESSIONAL ISSUES: The Ethics of Forensic Psychology by Allen K. Hess; and Training in Psychology and Law by Gary B. Melton; followed by an author index and a subject index. 
Price: 54.95 CDN
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15 Wilson, Fred PROBABILITY STATISTICS AND THE LOGIC OF SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY - with special reference to Pseudoscience
Toronto Canadian Scholars' Press 2000 First Printing - First Thus Paperback Very Good 4to 
373 pp. Spiral bound in card covers. Lightly rubbed on the corners; no interior markings. CSPI Reprotext R6369. The Contents are: Introduction; Some Basic Concepts of Probablity; Axiomatization of the Probability Calculus; Person Probabilities and Rationality; The Logic of Theory Testing; The Experimental Methods; Minute Parts; Objective Chance and Statistical Inference; and The Problem of Induction; followed by Appendix: Permutations and Combinations. 
Price: 87.95 CDN
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Toronto Canadian Scholars' Press 2000 155130175X / 9781551301754 Third Printing Paperback Very Good 4to 
(xii) 364 pp. Oversized softcover. Light edge and corner wear with a faintly creased spine; no interior markings. The Contents are: Introduction; Scientific Inferences: Some Examples Some Lessons; Pseudoscience: Some Examples; Science; Methods Scientific and Unscientific; and Data; followed by an index. 
Price: 43.95 CDN
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17 Winter, E. H.; Smith, Reed LEARNING TO WRITE
Toronto The Macmillan Company of Canada 1961 0770507506 / 9780770507503 Second Edition Hardcover Very Good+ Text Book 8vo 
(xii) 504 pp. Later printing of the second edition. Green and gold cloth decorated in white and dark green on the front panel; lettered in white on the spine; illustrated endpapers. Very lightly rubbed on the corners; previous owner's name inside; as issued, no dustjacket. The Contents are: Preface to the Second Edition by E. H. Winter; Part One: Fundamentals: The Road Ahead: Learning to Write; The Parts of Speech; Parsing and Review of Grammar; The Analysis of Sentences. Part Two: Writing and Speaking: Paragraph and Sentence: Writing the Paragraph; Two Important Aids to Composition; Writing the Precis; Punctuation; Writing the Exposition; Speaking in Public; The Sentence: Making Sentences Unified; Making Sentences Clear; Making Sentences Emphatic; Making Sentences Pleasing. Part Three: Vocabulary Building: The Language in the Making; The Standing of Words; The Power of Words; Figurative Language and a Mature Style; Spelling; Pronunciation. Part Four: Special Forms of Writing: Letters; The Report and the Book Review; The Incident and the Short Story; Description; Argument and Debate; and The Personal Essay; followed by an index. 
Price: 27.45 CDN
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