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Welcome to W. Fraser Sandercombe 
Welcome to the home of W. Fraser Sandercombe - Bookseller - internet booksellers for twenty+ years. You can search or browse our inventory of hard to find, out of print, used, and rare books. Scans are available for all our books - if you need to see a picture, feel free to ask. And please note that here, all our books are priced somewhat lower than all the other sites where they are listed.

Who We Are

We are an Internet-only bookstore although local pick-ups - anyone in the GTA - are encouraged.  We are also one of the earliest on-line booksellers.  We started before the corporations dominated on-line bookselling; we started before the amateurs with their $1.00 yard sale books and insipid descriptions, and before the mega-listers with their 1,000,000+ books and no descriptions, dominated the search pages; we started on-line when most of the bookselling sites and most of the booksellers were professionals who approached their business with respect for their books and courtesy for their customers. This site is a small attempt to return to those early days of on-line bookselling when books, and the people who loved them, actually mattered.
We specialise in First Editions and collectible books - and usually have around 500 signed editions in stock at any given moment - ranging through most of the genres: Fantasy; Horror; Science Fiction; Mysteries; and a good selection of Literature; Historical Adventure; History; Outdoors; True Crime; and Assorted Non-fiction. We display roughly 10,000 books and add to our catalogues regularly.
And, for just a little self promotion, Sandercombe is also an author.  His first e-book has just been released through Misfit Studios, DriveThru and Amazon Kindle - Hartshorn, an epic fantasy.  Hartshorn is now available in a hard copy, published by Misfit Studios.  His other recent books on paper are:  The Beatles: The Press Reports; Beatlemania Forever: The Beatles Encyclopedia; Beatle Books - From Genesis to Revolution; and MASTERS OF SF - The Science Fiction Hall of Fame - A Biographical Encyclopedia.   In her review, Joyce Greenhold of Goldmine Magazine said about Beatlemania Forever, "browsing through the book is not the dry experience you might expect from a volume with 'encyclopedia in the title.  Longer entries covering major albums, tours, and other notable events in the band's history are enlivened with quotes from news coverage and interviews."  In another recent review, Joe Viglione wrote, "The newest (of Sandercombe's books), Beatles Books: From Genesis to Revolution, is a jaw-dropping bibliography on 1,400 of the published titles...  To this fan, it's one of the most important (books about The Beatles), and needs to be in the top 10, a huge reference guide that I am most thankful for."


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